Meet the BH Team: Kevin Ross

What is your name?
Kevin Ross in person, KM with the writing utensil or camera.
Where are you from?
Pasadena, California
How long have you lived in Humboldt?
9 years
What is your profession?
Creative entrepreneur, digital marketer
How long have you been in that profession and what pushes you to do that work?
I’ve always been an artist, yet fought it for most of my life. I have freelanced and consulted for several companies across the country for the past three years while working various jobs. I am in this field to essentially save my life. Prior to the dive I’ve taken recently, I felt incomplete. I felt hopeless, defenseless, and useless, however, I have found a way to integrate my passion for helping others, and creating impactful things that benefit the world. So to answer the question, I have as much choice to pursue this as I do breathing. For me they are one in the same.

What's your role with BH?
I joined BH after hearing about the plans and goals. I serve as an organizer and visually document our work and events. The story is always important.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Humboldt?
I really keep to myself mostly as my hobbies are anything photo/video related. I spend all my time on developing my craft. I mainly enjoy walking around town and taking photos, whether the Marsh or on the plaza. I’ve gotten all the partying out of my system and dedicate my time outside of creative endeavors to raise my daughter. I’d say the mixers and other events we put on are my favorite things to do since I can be around people that don’t judge me by my appearance.

What are some things that make you proud or happy to live in Humboldt?
I am not proud or happy to live in Humboldt. I am here because I’m a parent. To note the silver lining though, I see tremendous opportunities here and would like to see more black entrepreneurs emerge.

Where are some things that create the opposite feelings?
I mostly feel sad about living in Humboldt because of the constant judgement and superiority complexes of the local residents. This is the most racist place I’ve ever lived, and having once lived in the same town Trayvon Martin was killed in, that says a lot. From local law enforcement upholding white supremacy and having preferential treatment, to the constant micro-aggressions I experienced at Humboldt State University, as a student and staff member, to the family courts allowing me to be harassed and abused, this has been a pretty shitty experience living here overall.

What are some things you’re grateful/thankful for?
I’m grateful that I have the strength to overcome the adversity Humboldt has presented me. I am thankful for Mo and Dee for creating a group that can make change possible. I am thankful for the example Charmaine Lawson has provided for black excellence to continue in the face of injustice and corruption #justiceforjosiahlawson

What are some things that inspire you?
I am inspired by oppressors and the fire I have inside burns to help my people. Artistically I am inspired by my will to succeed. I’ve never been handed anything so I feel like I can work my way to achieve any goal I set.

What do you do for fun?
Work on my crafts. Period.

What are your hobbies?
Working on my crafts. Nuff said.

Where can the readers catch you in Humboldt?

Catch me online

What are your services?
Photography, content creation, Digital marketing strategy, brand identity design.

Do you run any groups/classes?
Send me a message and it can happen.

Hold events?
This summer it’s gonna be wild.

What’s something you would tell your 8 year old self?

Don’t put up with anyone’s bullshit because they will try to normalize it. Do art, f*#k sports.

Why is BH’s work important to you?

It’s really one of the things that keeps my wheels turning. When I feel like I can’t make it, or that I will fail, I remember those who came before me without these opportunities, the strength of my fellow organizers is truly inspiring. And lastly, it’s one of the few organizations that’s focused on getting goals accomplished, rather than office politics and useless notions of professionalism used to hinder POC.

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