POC owned Business Spotlight: No Wahala Body

Business Name:

No Wahala Body

Interviewee’s Name:

Dee Fletcher

Who are you in relation to the business?

The Creator

Where are you from?

New York by way of Baltimore

How long have you lived in Humboldt?

3 years

How did the business come to be? (little backstory)

No Wahala Body is an Afrocentric movement group striving to dance away their problems. We want to encourage people to collectively create and share a safe space where we can dance in love and support of one another while healing our bodies from troubles and pains that settle in different places of our bodies, hearts and spirits. Release those troubles  as you dance with us. No Wahala here O!

Dionna-Isioma also known as “Queen Dee” is a first generation Nigerian American from New York and currently residing in Northern California. She started dancing with Bokendeye African Dance Company in Yonkers, New York when she was 5 and continued her dance and theater training throughout the Tristate, and DMV area. She is a certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor,(CKYT200) under the training of Master Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep. She believes that movement is healing, playful and fun so meet her on the dance floor!

No Wahala Body was created to serve those who wish to learn from POC dance teachers who also make room for all people and cultures, equally. NWB strives to bring authentic and raw culture through dance without the confines of institutions. As a young dancer Queen Dee grew up learning and watching POC teachers and wants to see NWB’s work foster that same culture and let other POCs know there is room for them in the world of dance.

How old is your business and what pushes you to do the work?

We are just starting up, we’ve only had pilot classes thus far.

Any other business info: deals, events, weekly specials. Online and contact info.

We are No Wahala Body on all social accounts, No_Wahala_Body on IG. NoWahalabody@Gmail.com and our website is www.NoWahalaBody.com.

We have our 3rd Pilot Class Series May 11th 1pm-4:30pm at Synapsis Studio: 212 G St Eureka CA. (Flyer below)

&& You can expect to see more events popping up and set schedule of classes, this summer.

Why is the work BH do important to you?

  • it’s intentional work dedicated to people of color.

  • It allows us to see our beauty, within the reflection of our community.

  • It helps people of color to navigate through their own communities without seeking validation of white people or those with power.

What would you tell your 8 year old self?

  • Don’t let your problems and adversity keep you from shining your light.

  • Dance through the pain and know that the creator is moving through and with you.

  • Stop eating so many sweets and candy.

  • When your mother takes you to auditions, don’t quit.

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