Black Humboldt

How did this begin?

Black Humboldt began in April 2018 by visionary Dionna Fletcher and co-founded by Mo Desir as a response to Humboldt County's social climate and injustices, the overwhelming  whiteness (or buzzphrase "lack of diversity"), and safe black spaces. Dionna’ wanted to provide a platform for all black and brown bodies who shared similar needs and interests while existing in Humboldt. Black  Humboldt seeks to promote existing black businesses, professionals and organizations, support black navigation and to help unify people of color (PoC). It all started as a social media platform to gauge what the 1.5%   black population could look like and a future vision for creating events, workshops, and forums. Black Humboldt hopes to provide a space where people can see a positive and beautiful reflection of themselves. In the summer of 2019 Black Humboldt was chosen to be A DreamMaker Project of the Ink People in Eureka CA.

Mission: To enlighten, empower, and entertain our Black communities and all people of color in Humboldt County through events made FOR US and BY US.

Vision: Focus on positive stories from Black communities and people of color in Humboldt County, invest in Black and PoC businesses, and support Black and PoC arts & culture. Build community awareness of issues affecting Humboldt County residents. Create visible spaces within the community for the acceptance of Black & PoC presence and fostering relations with non-POC communities.








  1.  Cultivate safe, supportive, and inclusive spaces for all people of color in Humboldt County.

  2.  Create, maintain and sustain economic empowerment for all people of color in Humboldt County.

3. Educate, empower and liberate all people of color in Humboldt County.

4. Educate non-POC groups within Humboldt county on race relations, inclusion, and alliship.