POC Owned Business Spotlight: The Speakeasy Hair Lounge

Speak Easy Owner, Oscar Perez, can shape you up in any setting

Speak Easy Owner, Oscar Perez, can shape you up in any setting

Business Name:

The Speakeasy Hair Lounge

Interviewee’s Name: 

Oscar Perez

Who are you in relation to the business? Owner

Where are you from?

Covina Ca Los Angeles County 

How long have you lived in Humboldt?

Off and on since 2014

How did the business come to be? (little backstory)

I had played football at hsu in 2014. While attending I saw the need for barbers in the area. I’ve always knew how to cut hair so I told myself when the opportunity comes to open a barbershop, I was going to open it in humboldt county. 

How old is your business and what pushes you to do the work?

We opened up in October of 2018. Knowing that we are rebuilding the trust in barbershops within the community keeps us going!

we have offer more than haircuts.

We offer everything from fades to facials and waxing!

We are open Tues-Fri 9am-8pm sat 9am-5pm sun 9am-2pm.

We are located at 1075 K St arcata CA 95521

shop number: 707 919 9071

Where are some areas, or moments, when you’re happy to be here providing services and goods in Humboldt?

Seeing the look of relief and satisfaction in everyone’s face after a cut is truly a honor. 

What are some things you’re grateful/thankful for?

I’m grateful to being what we do in a community that is thankful for our services. I’m also grateful to have a fantastic crew of highly skilled barbers working for me. 

What are some things that inspire you?

What inspires me is seeing what this barbershop has done for my barbers since working here. So many doors have opened for my crew.  Everything has affected them in a positive way. 

What’s something you would tell your 8 year old self?  

What you want to achieve is completely up to you no one else. 

Why is BH’s work important to you?

I love the message and what Black Humboldt stands for.