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2019 Social Justice Summit Workshops

  • Kate Buchanan Room 1 harpst St Arcata ca 95521 USA (map)

Welcome to the 25th Annual Social Justice Summit
February 25 to March 2, 2019
Humboldt State University

Monday, February 25
3PM Workshop by Keynote Kim Davalos
@Goodwin Forum NH102
Workshop Description - “Heartwork: Love Letters & Languages”
With an HSU Social Justice Summit focused on the power of words, Kim Davalos's workshop will tap into the greatest art form of revolutionary literature known to history - love letters. Based within the theory of bell hook’s all about love: new visions, students will assess their own love languages and how the power of language and love in multiple forms are tools for resistance. A writing session with Kim Davalos will also allow workshop participants to practice the process of transforming love languages into words and words onto a stage. Think, Heath Ledger professing his love to Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You but for your communities you hope to serve. Think, Lara Jean writing five letters, but instead to different versions of herself to practice self-love. Get ready and hopefully feel excited for critical thoughts on our concepts of love ethic, how we talk about it to shape our worlds and identities, and most importantly, how we can use it as a tool and a foundation for heartwork.

Monday, February 25
6 PM - 8 PM
Keynote by Kim Davalos @KBR
Keynote Description - “The Rabbit Hole & The Red Queen’s Race”
“That’s what they call the Red Queen’s Race. You run this hard just to stay in place. Keep up the pace, baby, keep up the pace. You run this hard just to stay in place.” - Jay-Z, Legacy

What if you knew about every choice you will come across in life that would alter your story forever? How would you change if you knew that there were parallel narratives running alongside your current journey? Would you understand the power in your choice, in your decisions, in your impeccable words?

Kim Davalos will take us on a critical analysis ride through the American classic journey in Alice in Wonderland. Together, the HSU Social Justice Summit attendees will find the crossroads that Alice came to in the very intersections of her identity and life. Kim will break down how falling down the rabbit’s hole feels so very familiar to many of our experiences into higher education and how we are all looking for a way back to a home within ourselves and our communities.

Through Kim’s own experiences she will relate how her feelings through undergraduate school, graduate school, and her high-pressure professional life have often left her feeling stuck in a place similar to that of the Red Queen’s Race. Poetry and performance have been Kim’s saving grace, refuge, and space of liberation. In 2018, Kim self-published her first book of poetry, delilah’s daughter, as a way to snapshot the intersections of her experiences in a universal way. More importantly, Kim published her words as a power in finding her way back to herself and her ancestors. The impact one book of words has made since delilah’s daughter was released is moving. Kim will highlight and pay honor to how the return home is often our first breakthrough and our first revolution.

Tuesday, February 26
5:30 PM- 9 PM
Word Humboldt Collaboration @Northtown Coffee

Join us for a night of spoken word, good times and community at Northtown Coffee in Arcata, CA!
Word Humboldt is a space for you to speak your mind, be heard, be free and enjoy yourself away from the stress of the week.

Wednesday, February 27
11 PM - 3 PM
Self-Care for Justice @KBR

Sugar Scrub
Face Mist
Herbal Bathing/Bath Teas
Coloring table?

Wednesday, February 27
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Panel Discussion - "The Other Side of Murder Mountain" @KBR
The Netflix series "Murder Mountain" was released in late 2018 providing the world with what some suggest is a distorted representation of Humboldt County. Focusing on a geographic area representing a fraction the size and population of Humboldt County, the filmmakers paint with broad brush strokes describing "a wild, lawless place" where "vigilante justice and outlaw culture ... resembles America's Wild West past" as the cannabis products consumed “are often sourced from places with a darker vibe.” The purpose of this panel is to critically examine representations of the cannabis industry in Humboldt County. Though "Murder Mountain" provides the inspiration for this panel discussion, there is no expectation that audience members view the series to benefit from the discussion. This event has been jointly sponsored by the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research and the Humboldt County Growers Alliance.

Thursday, February 28
"Brother and Sister Appreciation Night"

"Brother and Sister Appreciation Night" is in recognition of men and women of color! We are hosting family feud style games, food, Open Mic recognizing folks who made an impact on their life, and a slide show recognizing men and women of color." This is meant to be a safe space to highlight both African American women and men during Black history month.

Friday, March 1st 6 PM Feature by Barbara Curiel @KBR
Barbara is a specialist in Chicano and Latino Studies. Her areas of interest include Chicana/o and Latina/o Literatures, Chicana Feminisms, Women of Color Feminisms, and Transnational Literatures. She is a bilingual speaker attentive to borderlands cultures and identities. Her scholarship focuses on the work of authors Sandra Cisneros, Helena Maria Viramontes, and Ana Castillo.
Barbara teaches core and elective courses for both CRGS and the English Department. These courses focus on Literary Studies, Writing Practices, Chicano and Latino Literature, Chicano Studies, Women’s Studies, Creative Writing, and American Literature. She has served as the Director of the Ethnic Studies Program, is a member of several WS, ES and CRGS committees, and supervises Master’s Theses in the English Department.
Barbara is also a textile artist an, poet. Since the 1970s, she has published for domestic and international audiences and has had her work featured in major collections of Chicana/o Literature.

Saturday, March 2nd from 8 AM- 5 PM Workshops around HSU campus
Schedule to be posted soon

We look forward to seeing you at the 25th Annual Social Justice Summit.